Bennie Glenn

  • My Dad

    After searching in vain for a long-lost cousin on Facebook, suddenly she appears commenting on my wall!  Wow!  She is into genealogy and invited me to join her family history website.   I did and there I found a picture that I don’t ever remember seeing before.  Of course I knew right away it was my Dad when he was still a teenager.  So I “swiped” it and am posting it on my page.  After all, this picture should belong to us.    I wonder why Mom didn’t have a copy of this but maybe its good she didn’t because of the fire that destroyed their home and photos.

    Anyway, here it is, my good-looking Dad before he was my Dad. 

  • Tires to Good-Year to Morgans

    Isn’t it funny how our thoughts can start with something and randomly go skittering along and suddenly you are reminded of something else and you end up with something on your mind that is completely off the original subject?  Or maybe that doesn’t happen to you.

    Well, it does to me.  Often.

    This morning we were on the way in to the Library and the roads were kind of nasty.  I was worried about the car slipping around when Jonny made a comment about the skid steer needing new tires.  We talked about tires for a bit and Jonny said something about the inner tubes.  I asked if the skidsteer had tubeless tires, and reminisced about when tubeless tires became popular.  Vernon mentioned  Radials…… then I thought about that there used to be a Uniroyal tire factory in Eau Claire.   All random, non-essential stuff.

    Next, Good-Year popped into my head.  Then my thoughts turned to Ellen Morgan…..our next door neighbor, who worked at the Logan, Ohio  Good-Year plant, assembling  dashboards for cars, if I remember right.

    Suddenly I found myself “puddling up” as my mind went to Misty.

    Dear little Misty.   She had to be the cutest, sweetest little girl ever.  She was Ed and Ellen Morgan’s little 2 year old.  They had recently moved their trailer on to their property just down the road from us and Ellen needed a babysitter for Misty.  So, they hired my sister Gwen to watch her.

    Now, I think that Gwen got the money for the job but she sure had help babysitting.  We all had wanted Mom to have more children and even tried talking our parents into adopting another baby.  Of course, that didn’t happen, but I think we all thought Misty was an answer to prayers.    We all doted on her and she was the little sister we didn’t have.

    Misty soaked up all the attention, from Dad, (Uncle Fuzzy) down to Todd who was about 4 years older than her.  I remember Nat and Veasy giving her rides in the wheelbarrow.  She was such a doll.  We loved her like our very own.

    I am not sure how long we babysat her but it was sure fun while it lasted.  Then we moved a few miles away, and Ellen had a new baby Lorna.  We did babysit occasionally after that but nothing consistent.Somehow I missed getting any pictures of Ed.  He was a nice looking fellow by the way.  My little sweethearts. 

    The Morgan’s then moved to New Straitsville, and the last I remember seeing any of them was in 1982 when Pam and I stopped by their little Carry-out store to use the restroom.  Ed banged on a pipe to let Ellen know that we were there but she wasn’t home.  (They lived in the upstairs apartment of the store.  I was disappointed as I really wanted to see them again.

    Years later I heard that Ed had died…..Ellen was remarried by that time and I always wondered where our little girl was.  It just seemed as if they had dropped completely out of our world.  Mom and Dad saw Ellen once in a while but since most of us left Ohio when we married we lost all contact.

    Time went on.  I still wondered.  By now, Misty and Lorna were long-grown up and no doubt married.  For the last couple of years I tried finding her on Facebook.  Not knowing what her last name was made that game nearly impossible.

    Then—-at my Dad’s viewing, a woman walked in.  Instantly, I knew that I knew her but no name came to mind.  Who was she?  There was something very familiar but I drew a blank.

    I said, “I know that I know you, but I can’t figure out who you are.”

    She smiled her lovely smile and said, “I am Ellen Stewart.  Morgan.”

    YES!!!!  I hadn’t thought of her coming to the visitation but you should’ve seen the stir it caused.   Most, if not all of my siblings joined me and getting reacquainted.  This was a very pleasant reunion for all of us.

    We plied her with tons of questions.    And she willing provided us with answers.    Now we knew….after all those years.

    Ellen left the church an hour or so, but not long later Misty was there introducing herself.  For me that was an emotional experience.  Here was my little “sister” that I hadn’t seen for over 30 years!  Actually, Misty wasn’t in school yet the last time I’d seen her so its been closer to 40 years.  And of course, she was just as sweet as I remembered.    (She told me that her Mom called her when she got home and told her to get over there to the church to see our family.  Misty got out of bed and dressed and came over to bless us Glenn’s.)  Now wasn’t that a sweet thing to do?  God love her. 

    The next day, Ellen came again for the funeral.  This time she brought Lorna.  Another gift.  I wonder if Ellen will ever fully realize what she did for us by coming? She, by the way, had just learned that Dad had cancer just a few days before he died when she called to see how they were.  (I think that’s how it was anyway….she almost missed finding out.  I am so thankful that she did find out, though!)

    Oh, now I am crying again.  Sniffle, sniffle.  :-s.  I consider it a highlight in my life to reconnect with them again.

    I don’t have any pictures of the reunion but I am going to ask Ellen if I can scan a couple of pictures to post on here.Misty, Laurel, Kirsten, and Lorna.  (I never met the 2 younger girls)

    Until next time.  Toodle do.

    PS.  Now, not only did we find each other again, we are all friends on Facebook. 


  • Rest in Peace, Dad

    My Dad, Bennie Glenn, passed away 3:40 AM this morning (EST).  He went into a coma Sunday afternoon so the final passing was rather short.He found out that he was in Stage 4 liver cancer the first part of August so the whole deal was not long at all.

    Thanks to everyone for remembering our family in your prayers.  I don’t have any funeral arrangement yet but will try to update as soon as I can.