March 30, 2014

  • My Toenail

    I am going to do a little post this time and it’s going to be a bit of an advertisement.  :-)

    Way back in 1998 we visited in Spanish Lookout, Belize for the Central American Minister’s Meetings.  We had a lovely time,  reconnecting with friends from all over Central America and learning to know new friends and soaking in a lot of good Bible teaching.

    However, I brought something home with me than I hadn’t planned on and wasn’t one bit happy about.

    Athlete’s Foot.  :-(

    I went to the Dr. and he prescribed a cream called Trosyd which knocked it flat.  Wow!  I was glad to get rid of that itchy parasite that afflicted my left foot, mainly the smallest toe.

    But, 1 and 1/2 years later, we were in Belize for a wedding and went to spend the night with some of our friends we had gotten to know during the meetings.   Had a wonderful visit, but… guessed it.   I got it again!

    So Trosyd to the rescue once more.  Was I ever thankful for that.  This time, I think Vernon had a touch of it too.

    Then in 2002, we returned to Spanish Lookout for another Minister’s Meeting, staying with another family, enjoying the time to the fullest.

    However, Mr. A. F. attached himself to my left foot for the 3rd time!  He must’ve thought I was pretty special to latch on me after all the dirty work I did to him.

    This time Trosyd didn’t work.  I think I developed an immunity to it.  I was very disappointed about that.  Later that year we moved to Wisconsin and I tried everything anyone recommended.  Tinactin,  white vinegar, Peroxide, and different creams from Walmart but nothing, absolutely NOTHING worked.  After years of scratching and watching my toenail deteriorate I didn’t know what else to try.

    My toenail looked so horrible that I was embarrassed even to wash feet with anyone at communion and each time I did, I hoped the other sister wouldn’t notice it.  (I didn’t think they could miss it though, it was so ugly.)

    When I’d trim it, it would sort of come off in flakes and powder….totally gross.

    Finally, I just asked my doctor if he could remove the entire toenail.  He took a look at it and said he thought I should try some medicine for 3 months first.  Ok, I’d try it but I doubted anything would work.  He gave me 3 bottles of pills, and I took pictures at the end of each month to see if I could see any improvement.   I know my toes aren’t pretty, so please forgive that.  :-) I took 1 pill each day and this is the results.

    Before treatment

    Before treatment

    2nd month

    1st month

    After 2nd month

    After 2nd month

    Treatment over

    Treatment over

    I wasn’t exactly satisfied with the final results but didn’t continue with any more treatment as I had other issues to face so this got pushed aside.  Today I took some final pictures and this is what it looks like now.

    Almost a year later.

    Almost a year later.

    The medicine that healed my toe.

    The medicine that healed my toe.

    I know it may seem gross to write about my toe but I am doing this just in case there may be someone out there that has a bad toenail damaged by fungus.  I am letting you know that there is hope.

    ~have a nice day~




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  • I take those for yeast infection since I’ve been on antibiotics for Lyme disease. Interesting.

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